They already wear boots above their knees

Our focus is increasingly focused on the autumn season. We presented you with the first lightweight balloons for the upcoming days, discovering that all leather jackets and coats can be found in the high street offer, and the order sooner or later had to come to boots.

Although we are alive in a 30-degree thermometer and still reminds us that it’s summertime, we believe that you’ve already begun to think about some new acquisitions for your wardrobe.

In the focus you will definitely find boots. And while you will be bombarded by the ‘sock boots’ trend from all sides, literally everywhere, you will notice how an old-fashioned new trend is coming back, which in the autumn and winter is dominating the fashion scene. These are, of course, boots above their knees, which in the new ruffle come back to the spotlight.

Boots above the knee are also trendy this winter, and at the same time warm shoes for the upcoming winter days. The narrow pants, the ‘oversized’ sweater and the high boots formula are where you will look completely ‘chic’. You can choose between leather or those of velor, and in terms of color, black is nevertheless the best combination (and the easiest to maintain).

You can spend all day in flat boots above your knees. If you are low, select those that go just above your knees, as other lengths will further reduce you. For those with long legs, everything is permitted. A floral dress with boots above your knees is a true style that will bring you back to the ’70s that this season adores.