The most popular high boots this season are ideal for all feminine combinations

We did not even see them at all, and now every brand has absolutely every brand. We are talking about boots with sturdy heels that are kept at a height below ten centimeters, visually extending the leg, and at the same time ideal for everyday business combinations, as the outfit will at the same time give a dose of femininity, elegance and seduction.

This silhouette was inspired by the fashion of the ’60s, when boots were combined with short A-tail dresses and midi dresses and skirts underneath. It has now been shown that such a model, straight lines or cramped, is the most desirable boot for the autumn days and the winter in front of us.

For the past couple of seasons, the biggest emphasis was on boots above the knee. While many trendy models continue to choose this model, 60-knee-style boots are right for refreshments for all-season combinations. You will get a special feminine note with a combination of midi skirts or dresses with boots that reach the knee. They can be crammed, and they do not have to, the light vibrations of the 60’s will be read in every step, and you will feel particularly elegant.

This combination is ideal for day and business situations, and for evening outings you can access a proven mink formula or knee-length dressing with the above-mentioned model of sepsis dose boots.

We have picked up several combinations in which 60-knee style knees play a major role, but also models from current collections. The color of the red wine is especially attractive, as is the omnipresent animal print, and classicists can choose black or beige. White boots will most likely evoke the past times and take a special place in your wardrobe.