High boots from the new collections we want to wear in the autumn combinations

If you were surprised by these few cold day days and you’ve already started from the bottom of the closet to take out all those autumn pieces that you hoped to still wait for five minutes, then you can now start exploring what trends and new clothes make us new Cold season.

And the new season brings high boots, and while the boots were still dominant over the knee before the season, they now leave the boots from the middle of the ankle to the knee height.

They are very classical designs and purified lines, in order to reach the finest leather from which they are made, which can be gathered and thus carry in another way. The only exception that maybe even the most trendy in the ocean of these classic styles is the cowboy boots, which besides in the form of ankles now comes as a high boots.

Cubs in the last few years have never been popular as it will be this season, so it’s a great time to invest in one pair if you love this style.

And if we go back to the chic of high boots on the heels, you will definitely not make a mistake with them. They come in a series of neutral and wearable colors and go with virtually all the contents of the wardrobe. In addition, you will be able to carry them in the coming years. 30 hit high boots for the new season we bring below.