If you were surprised by these few cold day days and you’ve already started from the bottom of the closet to take out all those autumn pieces that you hoped to still wait for five minutes, then you can now start exploring what trends and new clothes make us new Cold season.

And the new season brings high boots, and while the boots were still dominant over the knee before the season, they now leave the boots from the middle of the ankle to the knee height.

They are very classical designs and purified lines, in order to reach the finest leather from which they are made, which can be gathered and thus carry in another way. The only exception that maybe even the most trendy in the ocean of these classic styles is the cowboy boots, which besides in the form of ankles now comes as a high boots.

Cubs in the last few years have never been popular as it will be this season, so it’s a great time to invest in one pair if you love this style.


We did not even see them at all, and now every brand has absolutely every brand. We are talking about boots with sturdy heels that are kept at a height below ten centimeters, visually extending the leg, and at the same time ideal for everyday business combinations, as the outfit will at the same time give a dose of femininity, elegance and seduction.

This silhouette was inspired by the fashion of the ’60s, when boots were combined with short A-tail dresses and midi dresses and skirts underneath. It has now been shown that such a model, straight lines or cramped, is the most desirable boot for the autumn days and the winter in front of us.

For the past couple of seasons, the biggest emphasis was on boots above the knee. While many trendy models continue to choose this model, 60-knee-style boots are right for refreshments for all-season combinations. You will get a special feminine note with a combination of midi skirts or dresses with boots that reach the knee. They can be crammed, and they do not have to, the light vibrations of the 60’s will be read in every step, and you will feel particularly elegant.



Autumn-winter trends in the first plan of this season highlighted high boots, which are smooth and shiny, and made of brushed skins. If you are not a fan of skin with reflection, brushed skin surely loves you very much, and in this fall comes a lot of sophisticated boots up to and above your knees.

The finest brushed boots of this Seone come in a cowboy or in the style of the 60s, and the colors in which they appear are black, purple, the color of the wines and the colors of the cognacs, and also the emerald green is certainly an attractive shade in the case of these boots. High-boots of brushed leather will be beautifully matched with dresses, midi skirts, blouses and coats, but the effective combination is also with tight pants pressed into boots and fluttering boho blouses.

In any case, by investing in one such model you will get a pair of boots for which everyone will ask you where you got them. Below we bring the most beautiful models for autumn and winter and your autumn and winter combinations.


Boots are the rulers of each autumn and winter cabinet, and the season ahead of us this year will be found in the sign of boots above the knee. In the last few cold seasons, boots above their knees have been highlighted as one of the most popular trends that have transformed through the collections of high end and high street brands and through the everyday combinations of their many fans who always carried them everywhere, into an irresistible modern classic. Autumn and winter and these years return to elegance, subtle sex appeal and effective look of boots above their knees.

Although their time is still coming, the first models of boots above their knees have already arrived and in the meantime won the street catwalk as one of the must have pieces of the season within the autumn combinations. Unlike previous seasons, when in the collections of famous fashion brands we had the opportunity to see gorgeous models of velvet and satin in gems colors, this autumn has brought us back the elegance of classic models with a stable block-like subtree, neutral colors such as beige and brown and black.


Boots above their knees are back and look better than ever. In the last few cold seasons, boots above their knees have been highlighted as one of the most popular trends that has turned into an irresistible modern classic through high end and high street brands and numerous fans. Autumn and winter and these years return to elegance, subtle sex appeal and effective look of boots above their knees.

Boots above their knees have already won the street catwalk and have been highlighted as having a piece of the season in autumn combinations. From classical models with a stable block-up and comfortable flat-looking models in neutral colors like shades of beige and brown and black to the season’s design of gorgeous velvet gowns or glossy satin in bright colors, the new collections offer a diversity in which you will easily find your perfect par.